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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 

 Big Mamma's Beef & Chili Burger

Big Mamma's Beef & Chili Burger


Our menu combines the best dishes from the East and West. We offer bistro style cuisine, freshly prepared on board of our mobile kitchen. 

The gourmet meals brought to you on Flaming Wheels combines local  dishes with international favorites.  Our menu boasts a wide range of tentalising fare from traditional Malaysian curries and stirfries to European gourmet meals, hotpots, sandwiches and burgers.  Our healthy choice selection on the other leaves a lasting impression in your heart and yet...  no trace on you tummy!  All our ingredients are freshly hand picked daily and prepared by a team of highly experienced and passionate chefs.  At Flaming Wheels we are revolutionizing gourmet meals on wheels, bringing the bistro experience to where you are! Our cuisine is very suitable for both private and corporate catering and the food is freshly made on the food truck. 

We only use HALAL ingredients of the highest quality!

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