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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 

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It’s lunch time and you’re rushing around reaching for a place to eat.  What will it be today?  The usual mixed rice shop next to your office building or should you splurge a little on that nice restaurant across the street.  Looking for new lunch experiences is something most of us do to add some excitement to the daily grind.  However, we are always confronted by a dilemma, we want to find something tasty at a comfortable place, yet we don’t want it to break our weekly lunch budget. 

 Who would have thought that this is in the KL city centre?

Who would have thought that this is in the KL city centre?

Walking down the street the other day, I noticed a cluster of food trucks along Jalan Tun Razak near the turn off into Jalan Ampang.  I won’t blame you if your imagination of food trucks leads you to a vision of trucks parked under hot sun.  A place where you buy your food and take it away to be enjoyed at a location of your choosing.  This location however was very different, it was set up under a few very large trees and the Flaming Wheels food truck had even set up chairs and tables.

The entire ambience was quite surreal.  For a moment there, I had forgotten that I was in the centre of the city along Jalan Tun Razak!!  That small space resembled a rain forest.  A lovely place one could just sit down and while away the time.  Trees are nature’s cooling devices, and although it was twelve noon, I did not feel the usual midday heat. 

 A great selection of food is available...

A great selection of food is available...

Flaming Wheels had an extensive range of both western and local gourmet choices.  The delicious food plus the almost picnic feel gives birth to an experience everyone should try for themselves.  I feel certain that this will be the start of a whole new love affair in food appreciation.

Flaming Wheels is a brand new mobile food concept in Malaysia, offering gourmet meals on wheels at different locations in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas. The Flaming Wheels food truck cruises your neighbourhood serving awesome healthy meals that set a place in your heart.

They’ve created gourmet yet healthy versions of your favourite local and international cuisine at surprisingly affordable prices, championing this novel on-the-go food experience. Flaming Wheels also provides private catering and event options.  They bring the entire kitchen to your doorstep and serve freshly made meals to your friends and guests.

Update: We are no longer available on this location