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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 

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Flaming Wheels You Tube Channel

We have recently launched our Flaming Wheels Food Truck You Tube channel to share some fun videos of what we do on our food truck. The idea is to showcase our signature dishes, our locations, our guests and our parties. These are by no means done by professionals, it is all in house team and we hope to improve as we make more videos. 

Through the videos we hope to answer some of the common questions we get; how do we make our dishes, how do we take orders and serve, how do we do our catering, etc. We figured video is the best way to show this.

Food truck business can be very fun and adventurous, but at the same time it is rather tough. Especially running a food truck in Malaysia where the weather is either very hot or heavy rain, it is quite challenging to cook in the truck. As we share our food truck experiences through the videos,  you will be able to get a taste of how it works.

We hope that you enjoy our videos and do subscribe to our channel so you can see more exciting videos in the future. 


It’s lunch time and you’re rushing around reaching for a place to eat.  What will it be today?  The usual mixed rice shop next to your office building or should you splurge a little on that nice restaurant across the street.  Looking for new lunch experiences is something most of us do to add some excitement to the daily grind.  However, we are always confronted by a dilemma, we want to find something tasty at a comfortable place, yet we don’t want it to break our weekly lunch budget. 

 Who would have thought that this is in the KL city centre?

Who would have thought that this is in the KL city centre?

Walking down the street the other day, I noticed a cluster of food trucks along Jalan Tun Razak near the turn off into Jalan Ampang.  I won’t blame you if your imagination of food trucks leads you to a vision of trucks parked under hot sun.  A place where you buy your food and take it away to be enjoyed at a location of your choosing.  This location however was very different, it was set up under a few very large trees and the Flaming Wheels food truck had even set up chairs and tables.

The entire ambience was quite surreal.  For a moment there, I had forgotten that I was in the centre of the city along Jalan Tun Razak!!  That small space resembled a rain forest.  A lovely place one could just sit down and while away the time.  Trees are nature’s cooling devices, and although it was twelve noon, I did not feel the usual midday heat. 

 A great selection of food is available...

A great selection of food is available...

Flaming Wheels had an extensive range of both western and local gourmet choices.  The delicious food plus the almost picnic feel gives birth to an experience everyone should try for themselves.  I feel certain that this will be the start of a whole new love affair in food appreciation.

Flaming Wheels is a brand new mobile food concept in Malaysia, offering gourmet meals on wheels at different locations in Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas. The Flaming Wheels food truck cruises your neighbourhood serving awesome healthy meals that set a place in your heart.

They’ve created gourmet yet healthy versions of your favourite local and international cuisine at surprisingly affordable prices, championing this novel on-the-go food experience. Flaming Wheels also provides private catering and event options.  They bring the entire kitchen to your doorstep and serve freshly made meals to your friends and guests.

Update: We are no longer available on this location



One of the biggest expenses in organising an event or party is surely the food.  However, money is always the least of your problems.  You have to worry about buying food, preparing and cooking it. At the end of it all, there is always the big mess to clean up when the party is over.

food truck party


Taking all this into account, Flaming Wheels has come up with an innovative, fun yet simple way for you to throw parties.  You can actually call them for your next event or party and they would drive their amazing Food Truck to your doorstep and impress your guests by serving freshly prepared gourmet meals. The best part is that you don’t have to do any big clean up afterwards. 

Food truck catering offers a wide variety of options for your guests and the food is cooked and served immediately to avoid sogginess and any contamination. This is definitely the best catering option you can get in Malaysia and Flaming Wheels can cater to all your catering needs.


Having Flaming Wheels cater your party is also very affordable.  Prices start from as low as RM750 per hour.  There is also a transport fee of RM150 per event for venues within the Klang Valley and RM250 for the rest of Selangor and Putrajaya.  If you are totally out of this area and are still dying to have Flaming Wheels cater your event, it can be arranged for a RM1500 transportation surcharge. 

The number of delicious, mouth-watering items on offer for each catering event ranges from six to ten, depending on the number of people at the event.

If you need the place to be set up with tables and chairs, Flaming Wheels can also arrange them.  For as little as RM150, you get a canopy, tables and forty chairs.  Wait staff can also be arranged at RM50 per person for the first three hours and then RM20 for each additional hour.

food truck catering

Having a food truck catering at your event is something very new and exciting and will have your guests talking for years to come.  Now that you know how affordable it is to have gourmet meals at your doorstep, get in touch with Flaming Wheels for your next event!  

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There’s a new reality show on Astro’s StarWorld that is making crave for meals from food trucks as well as feel like starting my own food truck business.  What can I say?  Nothing influences me like a well-made television programme.  Recently, I watched another reality show called “My Diet is Better than Yours”, guess what?  It inspired me to change my diet (not go on one), and I’ve already lost 7kgs!!


Back to this reality show…  It’s called The Great Food Truck Race, a reality television series that originally aired on August 15, 2010, on Food Network, with Tyler Florence as the host.  It features competing food trucks.  In the first season, seven specialty food trucks, compete against each other for the next six weeks in different cities. In the following 5 seasons eight food trucks compete over seven weeks in different cities.


The goal each week is for the trucks to win by having the highest sales total. The food truck that makes the least money is eliminated, and must return home, while the remaining trucks advance to the next city. Astro is currently showing Season 3.  The winner will win $50,000 and a food truck.


In season one, each team faced a Truck Stop challenge in every city. The challenge consisted of a cooking competition with some unique twist such as adding chili peppers or using a limited selection of utensils. The winner often gained a significant advantage over their competitors who were also typically punished.


In the following seasons, the Truck Stops did not start until the second week.  Additionally, each week contains a Speed Bump, which unlike the Truck Stop was not a competition, but rather a random penalty for all teams. For example, in the season 2 premiere, all trucks were not allowed to use propane for a portion of the competition.


In the first two seasons of the Great Food Truck Race, the competitors had already been operating food trucks in their respective cities. In the following seasons, food trucks were provided to novices who have dreamt of owning and operating a food truck. In some cases, it was because their own restaurant business had failed due to bad economy or natural disasters.


The programme has given me a whole new insight on the complexities of operating a food truck business and has deepened my respect for the cuisine.  If you, like me have been watching this very interesting programme on Astro and have developed a yearning for the food truck “eat out” experience, you can find out the locations for the Flaming Wheels food truck from its Facebook page.  You can also call them to brighten up your events.  And if the programme has sparked in you that desire to own your own food truck business…  contact Flaming Wheels.  They’ll be happy to help you out!

Are all Food Trucks Created Equal

The proliferation of food trucks in Malaysia makes one wonder if there are any differences between one from the other.  It is hard to actually pin point differences simply by looking at the business from the outside.  But I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dina Blazevic to talk about the food truck business and the differences quickly became clear.

The first time I met Dina was at a business networking meeting.  It was not asy to get to talk to her.  She seemed to have a natural magnetism to everyone at the meeting.  She was never left alone.  People seemed to make a beeline to talk to her.  It was only during our second meeting that I actually got to talking with her.

If there is one word that sums up her persona, it has to be “PASSION”.  From the word go, Dina dove in to the intricacies that is the food business and how she wanted to share this experience with other entrepreneurs who also wanted to embark on the food truck business.

Dina and her partner Bobby are among the pioneers of the food truck business in Malaysia.  It was very tough in the beginning due to the lack of regulations and the fact that a proper food truck concept simply did not exist in the country.  This however, did not deter them.  They entered the business fearlessly and have brought together many other food truck friends along the over the past 3 years.  As Dina likes to point out, its never the destination but the journey that really matters.

Dina and Bobby’s forte had always been in the catering business from the time they ran a restaurant together.  This is why it was easier for them to venture into the food truck business as they were able to customize catering skills very easily for new chapter.  From the get go, they wanted to create affordable food with NO compromising on quality. Instead of cutting on ingredients they decided to cut down their fixed costs instead.

Attention is given to creating quality food of the highest standards, using only custom home made sauces and the choicest of ingredients.  This translated into hearty portions with restaurant quality taste.

Dina explained to me that the secret to the success of Flaming Wheels is the passion and hands on approach of the entire management team.  She has assembled a team that had spent many years in the restaurant and hospitality industries (Holiday Inn, Marriott, Shangri-La).  This is a team that is very well travelled and familiar with different cuisines and cultures.  Something they put into every menu item available on the Flaming Wheels food truck.

Many often ask them about their signature dish, with a smile Dina says that each and every dish created with so much passion and care that each one is a signature dish in its own right.  There is never room for compromise. Whatever your palate dictates should help you decide on your flavour selection. …pasta, fish, spicy, Mexican.

Flaming Wheels prides itself with being efficient, hygienic, reliable and friendly.  Their customers have become their friends.

Now that they have succeeded in the business, they want to grow their Faming Wheels brand farther by helping other people succeed as well.  They know the food and beverage industry is extremely challenging, but they believe that they can help young entrepreneurs succeed with very minimal risks.  You should contact them and chat with Dina if you are thinking of venturing into the food truck business.  I have a feeling that you too will enjoy the journey…

Keeping Quality High and Prices Down


A very simple definition of the word “gourmet” is a person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food.

Good food is something every Malaysian knows well.  We are willing to travel far and wide in search of our favourite dishes.  Malaysians are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to food.  There is always so many different types of cuisine to choose from.

A new innovative concept of gourmet food has hit our county in recent years in the form of gourmet food trucks.  Instead of setting off in our cars in search of our favourite dishes, delicious meals make their way to us!  Gourmet food should not just be defined by tastes alone.  It should go much further.  Hygiene in preparation and quality of ingredients should always be key.

A baker who makes the most delicious cakes once told me that the reason she does not sell her cakes in shops was the fact that Malaysians would not accept the price of quality.  According to her, a slice of cake from the choicest ingredients needed to be retiled for at least RM25!!  As such, the keep prices down at around the RM10 to RM15 price range, inferior ingredients will have to be used instead.  She refused to compromise.

Many big restaurants have extremely high overheads.  Apart from putting their food together, they also have to worry about other things like rental and staffing.  Food trucks on the other have dramatically lower overheads.  This puts them in a position of focusing on their food.  This is one of the reasons food truck companies, like Flaming Wheels are able to whip up devious gourmet food at very affordable prices.


The food truck business is getting more and more popular in Malaysia.  Some of us don’t seem to realise that we have been enjoying mobile food delivery in various forms for many-many years.  Let’s take a look at some of the traditional mobile food choices of the past…


One very popular mobile food seller has been the “roti man”.  He would ride his motorcycle or even bicycle from house to house honking is famous horn and attracting everyone from housewives to little kids.  Most of us still remember the ecstasy of hearing that sound and seeing the “roti man”.  He would have everything from breads and cakes to “muruku” and different types of sweets and crackers.


Another popular mobile food operator is the “chendol man”.  Ahhh…  This is something every student of the seventies, eighties and nineties would remember.  There is nothing quite like a refreshingly delicious bowl of “chendol” on a hot sunny day.  It was a daily treat after school.


As time went by, we noticed more elaborate set ups, like the mobile “yong tau foo” vendor, the “tau foo fa” truck and the popular “lok-lok” on wheels. 


In the USA over the last few years, it seems as if food trucks have taken over the food scene in many cities. These modern food trucks provide an array of eclectic, gourmet options for at very affordable prices.  Like Malaysia, mobile food is not a new concept in the United States either. From the chuck wagons of the old west to the hot dog stands of New York City, quick, inexpensive, food on the road has been a part of our that nation’s history.


Back in Malaysia with this recent resurgence of food trucks, mobile cuisine has gained respect and become popular with everyday folks and foodies alike. Moving beyond just “roti” and “chendol”, these businesses are growing and becoming a financial force within the food industry. Using social media to share locations and fuel public interest, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Food trucks in Kuala Lumpur are rapidly growing and now there are even food truck parks being set up. These allow you to sample from many different Malaysian food trucks and at the same time they provide a lovely seating area.


Realising the interest many have in starting a food truck business, one company has decided to share its experience and innovation in operating the food truck business with others.  Flaming Wheels has come up with an innovative, fun yet simple way for anyone to run a food truck business.  Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s pioneer in quality meals on wheels.  For more information on how you can realize your dream in owning your own food business, give them a call today!