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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 

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Keeping Quality High and Prices Down


A very simple definition of the word “gourmet” is a person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food.

Good food is something every Malaysian knows well.  We are willing to travel far and wide in search of our favourite dishes.  Malaysians are generally spoilt for choice when it comes to food.  There is always so many different types of cuisine to choose from.

A new innovative concept of gourmet food has hit our county in recent years in the form of gourmet food trucks.  Instead of setting off in our cars in search of our favourite dishes, delicious meals make their way to us!  Gourmet food should not just be defined by tastes alone.  It should go much further.  Hygiene in preparation and quality of ingredients should always be key.

A baker who makes the most delicious cakes once told me that the reason she does not sell her cakes in shops was the fact that Malaysians would not accept the price of quality.  According to her, a slice of cake from the choicest ingredients needed to be retiled for at least RM25!!  As such, the keep prices down at around the RM10 to RM15 price range, inferior ingredients will have to be used instead.  She refused to compromise.

Many big restaurants have extremely high overheads.  Apart from putting their food together, they also have to worry about other things like rental and staffing.  Food trucks on the other have dramatically lower overheads.  This puts them in a position of focusing on their food.  This is one of the reasons food truck companies, like Flaming Wheels are able to whip up devious gourmet food at very affordable prices.