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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 

Flaming Wheels You Tube Channel

We have recently launched our Flaming Wheels Food Truck You Tube channel to share some fun videos of what we do on our food truck. The idea is to showcase our signature dishes, our locations, our guests and our parties. These are by no means done by professionals, it is all in house team and we hope to improve as we make more videos. 

Through the videos we hope to answer some of the common questions we get; how do we make our dishes, how do we take orders and serve, how do we do our catering, etc. We figured video is the best way to show this.

Food truck business can be very fun and adventurous, but at the same time it is rather tough. Especially running a food truck in Malaysia where the weather is either very hot or heavy rain, it is quite challenging to cook in the truck. As we share our food truck experiences through the videos,  you will be able to get a taste of how it works.

We hope that you enjoy our videos and do subscribe to our channel so you can see more exciting videos in the future.