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Gourmet Meals on Wheels

Flaming Wheels is Malaysia’s first food truck, providing quality meals on wheels.  We have created a selection of healthy local and international dishes at very affordable prices.  At Flaming Wheels, we are championing gourmet meals by bringing the bistro experience on our fully equipped food trucks. 


There’s a new reality show on Astro’s StarWorld that is making crave for meals from food trucks as well as feel like starting my own food truck business.  What can I say?  Nothing influences me like a well-made television programme.  Recently, I watched another reality show called “My Diet is Better than Yours”, guess what?  It inspired me to change my diet (not go on one), and I’ve already lost 7kgs!!


Back to this reality show…  It’s called The Great Food Truck Race, a reality television series that originally aired on August 15, 2010, on Food Network, with Tyler Florence as the host.  It features competing food trucks.  In the first season, seven specialty food trucks, compete against each other for the next six weeks in different cities. In the following 5 seasons eight food trucks compete over seven weeks in different cities.


The goal each week is for the trucks to win by having the highest sales total. The food truck that makes the least money is eliminated, and must return home, while the remaining trucks advance to the next city. Astro is currently showing Season 3.  The winner will win $50,000 and a food truck.


In season one, each team faced a Truck Stop challenge in every city. The challenge consisted of a cooking competition with some unique twist such as adding chili peppers or using a limited selection of utensils. The winner often gained a significant advantage over their competitors who were also typically punished.


In the following seasons, the Truck Stops did not start until the second week.  Additionally, each week contains a Speed Bump, which unlike the Truck Stop was not a competition, but rather a random penalty for all teams. For example, in the season 2 premiere, all trucks were not allowed to use propane for a portion of the competition.


In the first two seasons of the Great Food Truck Race, the competitors had already been operating food trucks in their respective cities. In the following seasons, food trucks were provided to novices who have dreamt of owning and operating a food truck. In some cases, it was because their own restaurant business had failed due to bad economy or natural disasters.


The programme has given me a whole new insight on the complexities of operating a food truck business and has deepened my respect for the cuisine.  If you, like me have been watching this very interesting programme on Astro and have developed a yearning for the food truck “eat out” experience, you can find out the locations for the Flaming Wheels food truck from its Facebook page.  You can also call them to brighten up your events.  And if the programme has sparked in you that desire to own your own food truck business…  contact Flaming Wheels.  They’ll be happy to help you out!